• E-Learning Work Plan:

    Mondays and Wednesdays: (50 minutes per class)

    - ELA, Science and 1st Elective class assignments


    Tuesdays and Thursdays : (50 minutes per class)

    - Math (must turn in all scratch work upon return to receive full credit), Social Studies and 2nd Elective class assignments



    - Make-up day

    - Complete any missing work of ALL classes


    Accessing Teacher email addresses: https://www.richlandone.org/domain/1526



    Submitting Work:

    Many of the assignments are PDF documents so, you cannot write/type on the sheets.             

    1) Open a new WORD document. 

    2) Title the document the Assignment's day. 

    3) Type answers on the Word document. 

    4) Save it by adding your name and date. 

    5) Go to the Teacher's Edmodo or Teams pages. All work should be posted there.