• Message from Ms. Holcombe:

    Dear students and parents of Ms. Holcombe's math courses:

                Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have moved our teaching and learning environment to be eLearning, solely taking place online. This document will explain everything you need to be completing for my course and how to go about doing so.

                Firstly, our curriculum has completely moved to Edgenuity, which the students may know as E2020. Edgenuity is a district resource used for online learning comprised of instruction through videos, practice problems, activities, assignments, and quizzes. For access to Edgenuity, please follow the instructions below.

    • Go to www.edgenuity.com and select the option to log in as a student. 
    • Your username is your school ID number followed by @r1student.org. Your password is your school ID number.
      • Example: If your ID number is 123456, your username would be 123456@r1student.org and your password would be 123456.
    • Once you have successfully logged in, you will be greeted by an orientation video.
    • After the video is over, you will see my course listed on the left side of the screen. Click on “Next Activity” to begin the course work. This should bring you to an instructional video. Taking notes is a necessity.
    • Each topic will include a warm-up, instructional video, summary/connection to prior knowledge, some sort of an assignment or activity, and a quiz.

    For this course, I currently have five or ten (10) topics posted in the class page depending on the class. You are responsible for completing one topic every day for the ten (10) days of work required by the district at this time. If we happen to extend this period of eLearning, I will update the course with more topics for continued learning and the expectation of one topic every other day will continue.

                Secondly, I want to establish ways for students and parents to contact myself for any questions regarding course material, Edgenuity platform issues or misunderstandings, or anything else. Please know that I have the students’ best interest in mind and will work to make this transition as seamless as possible. With this in mind, please feel free to contact me through these avenues:

    • Email: erica.holcombe@richlandone.org
    • Phone: (803) 386 – 1289
    • Schoology.com is another great way to reach me through their messaging platform. Students should already be enrolled in my schoology course, but if they are not, below are the codes for my courses:
      • Geometry 2A - 8V6R-8Q89-W6XX9
      • Geometry 1B - WVFP-BM9Z-ZWD3X
      • Geometry Honors 2B - KKXG-2FKN-G5RRB
      • SAT Prep 3A - GK2S-M889-N9JNP
      • Algebra 1 - 3439-TS3D-VWQWJ

    Per the district, teachers are to hold “office hours” between the times of 9:00 – 11:00am and 1:00 – 2:30pm daily to be available for student/parent emails and messages.

    *********And as always, ten (10) ALEKS topics are due every Sunday by 11:59pm*********


    Erica Holcombe