• Message from Mr. Patterson:

    Good evening, as you have heard by now all schools in the State are closing effective tomorrow due to the COVID 19 threat. In light of this we are preparing for eLearning to help your student continue working through this time off of campus.  The following actions will be taken by myself and many other teachers to facilitate continued learning. 

    -I will post all lessons (powerpoints I use in class) in the folders section of edmodo labelled with Unit # and Title.

    -I will also post lists of assignments for the Units on the main edmodo page for each class.

    -I can be contacted directly through email  james.patterson@richlandone.org   or through edmodo messaging. 

    -I will be at school Tomorrow (Monday March 16) and available if you would like to pick up hard copies of assignments or other items.

    -My students should have either a Textbook or e-copy of the textbook they can access using the school issue laptop. 

    Here are the Edmodo Codes for my classes

    - Students should already be in these classes, but if not here are the access codes


    1A Gov/Econ-  72spk6

    2A World History-  g799g9

    3A  Psychology-   i9mzsh


    2B  World History- 2rjj8u

    3B World History-  pqvr47

    4B World HIstory Honors-  gefkfi


    What I expect of Students

    Complete work in a timely fashion

    Turn in work via edmodo messenger - either by completing the ecopy, or scanning in or taking a picture and uploading the completed hard copy. I need to be able to read the answers you provide. They can turn in the hard copy when we return, but turn in what you can electronically, it will help me stay caught up on grading.

    For world history our unit 11 and possibly Unit 12 tests will be online multi-media projects that are posted to edmodo. These will be the Unit Test Grade.

    I heavily advise you complete your guided notes using the lessons in the Unit Folders on Edmodo.

    Check Edmodo Daily for update and assignments (I will post in a unit post like the packets.

    Also Students can complete any 3rd quarter missing work they currently have a Zero or no grade in for in the grade book. E copies of these should already be on edmodo labelled by Unit # and title, if not I will post them.

    Even if they do not have teachers working at the school through this time out, please email or message me.  I will be checking often throughout the day and answer as promptly as I can. 



    James Bryan Patterson