• May 11-15

    Those who are enrolled with OSHA please finish up your training online if possible.

    All classes are to create a Power Point (minimum 5 slides) on the history of 3D printers.

    1. This should include the first engineer to build a 3D printer as well as when it was built.
    2. Name two of the most popular brands of 3D printers used in schools (i.e our class room).
    3. Name three common filaments (materials) used in 3D printers (liquid, solid, etc.) and give examples.
    4. Where are 3D printers being used in society today (what industries - list two examples).

    May 4-8

    PLTW and CAD2 are to create a power point showing several engineering fields that are being used in the medical industry. Also show where 3D printing is being used as well. Power Points should be a minimum of 5 slides.

    April 24-May 1

    PLTW and CAD2: Create a powerpoint showing at least 4 areas of engineering that is involved with conducting the pathway of railway layouts for the Columbia SC area.

    April 20-May 2:

    All students PLTW and CAD2 are required to complete this project and send a JPG of your project to robert.steele@richlandone.org. Here is the link for your assignment: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/build-a-mini-trebuchet/

    Also, OSHA IS DUE 05/01/2020 so I can have your certificate mailed to your home if possible. All OSHA students should be finished with online traing by May 9th.

    March 31: 

    PLTW students are to research the Millau Viaduct in France and write an essay (500 words minimum or make a powerpoint) on the construction of that bridge and what kind of engineers were needed to build the bridge and why it was built.

    CAD 2 is to continue with OSHA training.

    PLTW/CAD (March 23-27)

    PLTW/CAD (March 16-20)