• PE1, 2 and Aerobics students, the following activity log is your weekly assignment for your PE/Aerobics classes. The goal is for you to get 120 minutes or more of activity each week we are out of school. The assignment has a log with the dates on it for you to write/type what activity you engage in each day. You do NOT have to be active every day but, we do ask that you engage in activities that elevate your heart rate. If you take PE1/2 and Aerobics you do not need to do double the activity. You DO need to send the log to both of your teachers or specify that the log is for both PE and Aerobics if you have the same teacher.

    Please send your logs via email or Teams (if your teacher is using it) each week so that your grades can be updated regularly.

    We hope you and your families are safe and healthy!

    Activity Log