• All assignments are found in Microsoft Teams and should be turned In there.
    Go to outlook.office365.com and then navigate to Microsoft Teams by going to the app launcher.

    Any questions email Ms. Swanson or call her at 803-738-7296 which is my school phone or 843-882-7203 which can accept text messages. I will check messages on my school phone at the end of each school day. You can also chat and message Ms. Swanson in Microsoft Teams. 

    Art 1 - A Day

    Art 2 - B Day

    Photography 1 - A or B Day

    Photography 2 - B Day

    IB Visual Arts SL - A and B Day

    IB Visual Arts HL-1 - A Day

    IB Visual Arts HL-2 - A Day

    AP Studio Drawing - A Day

    Art I Day 7

    Art I Day 8

    Art I Day 9-12

    Art I Day (May 4-15)