Special Services e-Learning Resources for Students & Parents

e-Learning with Special Services

Tips Parents Can Use to Help Students with e-Learning

  • Parents' Tips for e-Learning

    1. Create a dedicated, comfortable learning space.
    2. Set up a daily schedule.
    3. Communicate with your child’s teacher(s).
    4. Encourage and motivate students toward success.
    5. Monitor students’ progress daily.
    6. Make sure students stay focused.
    7. Assist students with time management so they don’t fall behind in their coursework.
    8. Stay POSITIVE!


Contact Numbers for Service Providers

  • Special Services Consultants

  • Dr. Lashawn Bridges Program Consultant 231- 6721 Speech Language Services | OT/PT Services
    Angenitta Bounds Consultant 231- 6724 Keenan (High), Heyward Career Center, Project SEARCH
    Natasha Haynes Consultant, Early Childhood 231- 6728 Pendergrass Fairwold, Pineview Headstart, St. Andrews 
    Dr. Kendrick Roach Consultant, Special Programs 231- 7621 Adult Education, Alvin S. Glenn, Carolina School for
           Inquiry, Excel, Hall Institute, Private Schools, R1 Learning
          Center, R1 Middle College, Virtual School Program, 
          Youth Challenge Academy
    Dr. Rebecca Brooks Consultant 231- 6743 Arden Caughman Road, Hyatt, Park, Watkins-Nance (Elem)
    Shayla Dease Consultant 231- 6754 Horrell Hill, Logan, Pine Grove, HB Rhame, Sandel (Elem)
    Candice Greene Consultant 231- 6762 AC Moore, Hopkins, Meadowfield, Rosewood (Elem)
    Leanne Edna Miller Consultant 231- 6763 Forest Heights, Satchel Ford, South Kilbourne, JP
           Thomas (Elem)
    Elizabeth Stout Consultant 231- 6765 Brennan, Brockman, Burton Pack, Gadsden, Lewis 
          Greenview (Elem)
    Rayette Allen-Jacobs Consultant 231- 6767 Burnside, Carver Lyon, Millcreek (Elem); WG 
          Sanders (Middle)
    Robert Griffin Consultant 231- 6779 EE Taylor (Elem); Alcorn, Heyward Gibbes, Hand (Middle)
    Lanecia McNeil Consultant 231- 6781 Crayton (Middle); Hopkins, St. Andrews, Southeast (Middle)
    Neaco Green Consultant 231- 6797 Webber (Elem); Eau Claire, AC Flora, Lower Richland (High)
    Shelia McNeal Consultant 231- 6809 Bradley (Elem); Columbia, Dreher, CA Johnson (High)
    Cathleen Collins Consultant  231- 6786 WA Perry (Middle)
  • Lead Teachers

  • Aundrea Larrymore Autism Lead Teacher 231- 6713  
    Dr. Julie Macker Hearing Impaired Lead Teacher 231- 6772  
    Kim Mouradijan Vision Impaired Lead Teacher 231- 6774  
    Sharon Moore Speech/Language Lead Teacher 231- 6768  
  • Post-Secondary Job Coaches

  • James Abram Job Coach 231- 6885  
    Jewel Canty Job Coach 231- 6900  
    Destra Capers Job Coach 231- 6901  
    Mary Renee Mincey Job Coach 231- 6905  
  • Psychologists

  • Susan Thompson-Russell Psychologist 231- 6909 Pendergrass Fairwold, Hall Institute (Special)
    Christy Bingley Psychologist 231- 6910 Heyward Gibbes, WG Sanders (Middle)
    Sherronda Bridges Psychologist 231- 6911 Hopkins, Southeast (Middle)
    Lizette Charping Psychologist 231- 6915 WA Perry (Middle) Dreher (High)
    Elizabeth Gavin Psychologist 231- 6922 Caughman Road, Horrell Hill (Elem)
    Shalanda Shuler Psychologist 231- 6923 Lower Richland (High); R1 Learning Center, 
          Youth Challenge Academy (Special)
    Daniel McNiff Psychologist 231- 6935 CA Johnson, WJ Keenan (High); Alvin S. Glenn Detention
    Linda Chesko Psychologist 231- 6936 AC Flora (High); R1 Middle College (Special)
    Heather Campagna Psychologist 231- 6937 Brennan, Forest Heights (Elem)
    Kelsey Boyd Psychologist 231- 6972 Burton Pack, Lewis Greenview, Millcreek (Elem)
    Judith James Psychologist 231- 6973 Arden, Carver Lyon, JP Thomas
    Ariel Washington Psychologist 231- 6974 Bradley, Gadsden, EE Taylor (Elem)
    Shakia Hurlock Psychologist 231- 6975 Burnside, HB Rhame, Watkins Nance (Elem)
    Brandy Kerwin Psychologist 231- 6976 Brockman, Hopkins, Meadowfield (Elem)
    Walter Carll Psychologist 231- 7623 Hand (Middle); Private Schools
    Anda Berzina Psychologist 231- 6988 Hyatt Park, South Kilbourne, Webber (Elem)
    Kimberly Shockley Psychologist 231- 6989 Logan, Pine Grove, Sandel (Elem)
    Melody Simmons Psychologist 231- 6991 Crayton (Middle); Carolina School for Inquiry (Special)
    Dr. Macy Calderon Psychologist 231- 6992 AC Moore, Rosewood, Satchel Ford (Elem)
    Denese Hamilton Psychologist 231- 6993 Alcorn, St. Andrews (Middle)
    Rachel Baxter Psychologist 231- 6994 Satchel Ford (Elem); AC Flora (High)
    Alexis Davis Psychologist 231- 6995 Rosewood (Elem); Crayton (Middle); Eau Claire (High)
    Alison Velchik Psychologist 231- 6996 AC Mooore (Elem); Hand (Middle)
    Magdalena Alistar Psychologist 231- 6997 Columbia, Eau Claire (High)