• March 29, 2020

    Message to students of Ms Brooks:

    My Web Page Design and Computer Science classes will need to login in to www.codehs.com. Create an account and then use the following codes to join the classes.
    1B Web Page Design: 852BD
    3A Computer Science: DCB9C
    4A Computer Science: 06FE5
    My Business Finance and Personal Finance classes will need to remain on www.EverFi.com Join another course with the course codes below:
    1A Personal Finance: 54f3fba2
    2B Business Finance: ea7e7be7
    4B Personal sinance: c72c4996
  • March 16 Message from Kelly Brooks in the Business Education Department:
    Students will need to check district email and Microsoft Teams daily. The e-learning platform they will use is www.Everfi.net. Once there, they should create an account and then use the codes below to access the course.
    1A Personal Finance - 4ebf7715
    3A Computer Science - a9c26bf4
    4A Computer Science - 7f35a62c
    1B Web Page Design - f8332f0f
    2B Business Finance - 5ae52a45
    4B Personal Finance - 43cdf248