• Message from Ms. Smith to her students for the Week of April 27:

    Please log onto your Achieve 3000 accounts and your iReady Accounts.  Achieve 3000 has assignments preloaded and I need you to keep doing MATH in iReady for some time each day.  Just DO it as the commercial tells us.  I will send a Daily Math Problem for your journals and article titles.  Please reach out if you have any questions of concerns.  Celeste Smith



  • April 20 - Message from Ms. Smith:

    "Friends of Room 119, as we continue to learn away from our classroom, please use your Achieve 3000, Spider Learning, and iReady accounts.  For the week of April 20, 2020 there are four pdf articles that will be sent to your email accounts or are here on the class page.  Please reach out by email (kimberly.smith@richlandone.org)with any questions or concerns.  Celeste Smith"

    All About Money

    Attack of Leftovers

    Barn Sour

    Buy Computer Game



    April 2 - Message from Ms. Smith:

    As of April 6, 2020 we are utilizing Achieve 3000 for ELA, Science and Social Studies content areas.  We continue to use iReady as well.  There is one science article and the link is as follows:



    In April, a fishing boat was bobbing along in the Arctic Ocean. As it sailed near the coast of Norway, a country in Europe, a fisherman on the boat spotted a beluga whale.The whale was wearing clips that hold a camera.


    We are finishing Distance Packet 2 that is posted above. 

    Please contact me by email for more specific questions. 

    Celeste Smith


  • March 25 - Message from Ms. Smith:

    As of Monday March 30, 2020, all students should be able to reach me by email and I am willing to make personal phone calls as needed.  My students are members of the Room 119 Team using their Microsoft Office email account.  I am sending a Daily Agenda to both my students and their parents.  Students should be able to use iReady, Achieve 3000, and Spider Learning. I look forward to helping as needed.  Ms. Smith


    Download Distance Learning Packet 2.

    Download Oprah Winfrey

    Download Computers v. Books

    Download A School Trip to the Aquarium

    Download Jane Goodall

  • Message from Ms. Smith to the parents of her students:


    As we discussed this morning the following packet is being sent by US Mail as a support to learning from home.  I will send a separate personal email to each family with the particulars for iReady software accounts and Achieve 3000 software accounts.  iReady has a math and an ELA section for each week.  Special Services is also planning to provide additional iReady information.  I will forward once I have more information.  Achieve 3000 has ELA, science, and social studies articles for reading comprehension activities. 


    As we discussed this morning (Monday, March 16) each student will get their email information from me.  I will be available by email for office hours from 9 am to 11 am AND from 1 pm to 2:30 pm.  If you need a different time please just let me know so we can accommodate the family schedule as well.


    I am continuing to use the emails for both students and families.  The pdf documents that are on my class page were also sent by US Mail to the students homes. 


    I will miss our students and hope that this finds all of you safe and sound. 


    Download these files:

    Distance Learning Packet

    Distance Learning Agenda

    Details When Reading

    Main Idea Graphic Organizer