• Ms. Hamilton has good news for you: Today, 4/28 (A-day) and tomorrow, 4/29 (B-day) are study hall/catch up days for ALL of her classes.



  • Mrs. Hamilton's English I Assignment for April 22-27 is a Book Study:

    I posted all three of these attachments for you in Edmodo. Your assignment the next two class periods 4/22 & 4/24 (A day) and 4/23 & 4/27 (B day) is to simply find the book, begin reading it, and complete your first journal entry (on option one- personal/reader response).
    Mrs. Hamilton's English II Honors Assignment for April 22-April 27 follows:
    Your assignment for English II Honors classes for Wednesday, 4/22 and Friday, 4/24 (A days) and Thursday, 4/23 and Monday, 4/27 (B Days) follows: 
    The first night's work is to read The Little Prince through Chapter 7.  On the second night you should go back in and pull excerpts to complete the Double Entry Journal.
    All of this is included in the following handouts and posted to Edmodo. I've included a PDF of the text if you do not have the book (which is hopefully not blocked on student computers).
  • Mrs. Hamilton's assignments for A Day (Wednesday, 4/8 and Monday, 4/20) and B Day (Thursday, 4/9 and Tuesday, 4/21)
    Download this exploration of the Op-Ed section of The New York Times. 
  • Message to Mrs. Hamilton's students for March 31-April 1:
    My eLearning the next two days is a Study Hall. Check Edmodo for instructions to catch up, recharge, reorganize, and take a breather. 
  • March 27 (A Day) and March 30 (B Day)


    Mrs. Hamilton's English students can download assignments for March 27 (A Day) and March 30 (B Day).

    Two Brothers by Tolstoy


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    March 23 and 24 eLearning Activity for both English I and English II Classes:  Download here.


    Download the eLearning Calendar for March 23-April 3:

         Calendar for English I

         Calendar for English II

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    Mrs. Hamilton's REMIND GROUPS:
    English 2 Honors: Text @e4kh8g to the number 81010 
    English I CP: Text @ggk9bb to the number 81010. 


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