Dear parents and students of Mr. Seal’s classes,


    Lesson plans will be available on Mr. Seal’s Microsoft Teams classes. Starting later today, Monday 3/16, daily lesson plans will be posted for students’ distance learning experience. As students complete these lessons, they should submit their completed work on Teams.


    If a student needs to submit hand-written work, Mr. Seal recommends using the CamScanner app (or a similar phone app) to create a PDF of the assignment for submission (students can also submit a clear picture of the hand-written assignment if they are having trouble with a scanner app).


    I will be available through email during school hours while the school is closed for the Coronavirus. My email is matthew.seal@richlandone.org. Students in Mr. Seal’s class should have already joined their class’s Teams and No Red Ink classes, but if they have not, the class codes are outlined below. Students should make sure to regularly check Teams for updates and lesson plans.


    Microsoft Teams - https://teams.microsoft.com *Use your school email and password (the same login info for your computer)

    1A Yearbook ab0h1lr

    2A English III CP p15tpj9

    4A English III Honors p2c9gba

    1B English IV CP 8xxmf84

    3B English IV CP 19d20du

    4B English III Honors 3whsma7


    No Red Ink – noredink.com *You must create an account if you have not already done so. 


    2A English III CP known kiwi 58

    4A English III Honors truthful beach 94

    1B English IV CP curious marker 44

    3B English IV CP loyal corn 82

    4B English III Honors blue drawer 29