• Principles of Effectiveness


    Principle 1: Assessments - Base SDFSC Program on an assessment of objective data on drug and violence problems in the schools and communities served.


    Principle 2: Performance Measures - With the assistance of local or regional consultation and representation, include community representatives, establish a set of performance measures aimed at assisting schools and communities served have a safe, orderly, and drug-free learning environment.


    Principle 3: Scientifically Based Research - Design and implement SDFSC activities on scientifically based research that provides evidence that the strategies used to prevent or reduce drug use and violence are effective.


    Principle 4: Analysis of Factors: Base SDFSC Program on an analysis of the prevalence of protective factors, buffers, assets, or other variables in schools and communities identified through scientific-based research.


    Principle 5: Consultation - Include meaningful and ongoing consultation with and input from the development of the application and administration of the SDFSC program.


    Principle 6: Evaluation - Evaluate drug and violence prevention initiatives periodically to determine progress toward achieving its established performance measures. The evaluation results shall be used to refine, strengthen its program, and are made available to the public.