• Directions for Downloading Evaluation Documents


    Documents from Performance Evaluation Services are available on this Internet site.  If you need forms or documents to complete for the evaluation process, click on the employment category below and select the documents you need.

     Be sure to read the instructions for downloading and completing the forms before beginning your work. You can use regular 8.5x11 paper to print all forms.

     It is recommended that you use the forms which can be completed on the computer.  There is also a print version available for note taking or completing by hand.



    Directions for Using Performance Evaluation


    Computer Forms and Print Documents

    The documents provided by Performance Evaluation Services can be completed by downloading and keying in responses on the computer.  The completed form can then be printed.

    A version is also available for printing.  It has space to be completed by hand or it can be used for notes.

    If using the forms to complete on the computer, download the form by right clicking on the form download link and selecting "Save target as".

    Save File

    When the dialog box appears, change the name of the file so it is meaningful.  You may want to include the name or initials of the evaluator or the person being evaluated along with information about the type of form being used.

    Save in

    Save it to the My Documents folder or to another location where evaluation files are stored.

    At the next dialog box, which appears after the file has been downloaded, you have the option to "Open" the file or to "Close" the dialog box.

    If you open the file and you changed the name, you may proceed to fill in the shaded areas on the form.  If the name of the document appears as "Document n," where n is a number, you will have to save the document with a different, meaningful name.

    Fill in the document where the shaded areas appear.  Space will expand as you need it.

    Tab to go from one shaded area of information to another.  You may also use your mouse and click on the space to begin typing.

    There are also check boxes available for making choices.  Tab to the check box you want to use and click on it to have an “X” appear in the box.  To remove the “X” click the box again.

    The forms are available as locked documents.  Beware:  If you unlock the form, you will lose all the information you have entered into it.

     Be sure to save your work frequently as you are completing the forms and when you complete each session.

     If completing the forms by typing or handwriting, download the form as described above.  The form can be printed after it is on your computer. 

     A few documents are informational only.  There is nothing to complete in these forms.

    (Note:  If you left click on the document while it is in your Internet browser, the document will open, but it will be part of your browser, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.  Be sure to start the process by clicking the right mouse button.)