• A Brief History of Montessori Education in Richland One


    Richland One has been a leader in public school Montessori education in the Midlands since 2000.  The School Board and district administration began their support of Montessori education in 2000 with the opening of the first public Montessori school in South Carolina, Brockman Elementary, a total Montessori school.  In response to continued interest from parents the district opened two additional sites in 2004 at Caughman Road and Logan Elementary and then a fourth at Gadsden Elementary in 2007.  The district continued its support with its expansion to Montessori middle school in 2014 at W.G. Sanders Middle School.


    Want to learn about Richland County School District One's Elementary Montessori Program?


    We hold our yearly Parent Information Sessions in December and January.  Visit again in November for the dates, times and locations.  During these sessions you will learn about the Montessori Philosophy, Richland One's application process, our lottery and tuition for our 3K and 4K students.   


    If you would like to schedule a visit to one of our Montessori elementary schools, call the school directly to schedule a tour.  


    Are you interested in your Montessori elementary child attending a Montessori middle school?


    W. G. Sanders Middle School holds registration for its Montessori program in January.  Visit again in December for the date, time and location.  


    If you would like to schedule a visit to the middle school please contact W.G. Sanders at (803) 738-7575.  


    To grasp the essence of Montessori Education, just step inside a classroom - click on this link:


    "Montessori Classroom"