• Communication

    Parents, be awaare that while there is no fine for overdue library books, materials overdue by 30 days or more are assumed to be lost and a replacement fee will be assessed.  If you feel our records are in error, kindly email mary.staley@richlandone.org.


    damaged book


    Lost a Book?

    If a book is lost or damaged it must be paid for.  Payment must be made in cash to the bookkeeper to replace the funds needed to repurchase the book.  Payment is refundable if a lost book is found and returned on or before the last day of the current school year.  


    Class Visits

    Students visit the Library once a week with their class in grades prek-2nd to listen to a story, practice library skills, and check out materials.  In addition, students in grades 3-5 have a time assigned to them weekly to be able to come to the library to check out materials.  

     stack of books

    How Many Books?  For How Long?

    Students in grades prek-first may check out 1 book at a time and keep it for 14 days.  Students in grades 2-4 may check out two books at a time and keep them for 14 days.  Students in grade 5 may check out 3 books at a time and keep them for 14 days.