• WIN Ready to Work/Career Readiness

    WIN testing in June is full and more test dates will resume in August.  Check back later for dates, there are none available until August.  If you need to test soon please contact SC Works or Lexington 1 Adult Ed for their test dates. 

    To sign up for the WIN Ready to Work (R2W) assessments click R2W Registration

    • WIN Ready to Work (R2W) is a workforce education and development tool, comprised of 3 assessments, that shows employers you have the skills needed for workplace success.

      Ready to Work (R2W) includes the following assessments:

    Applied Mathematics The Applied Mathematics assessment measures workplace mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills from basic addition, subraction, multiplication and division to multiple math functions like calculating percentage discounts and markups. 
    Locating Information The Locating Information assessment measures comprehension and application of workplace graphics such as charts, graphs, tables, forms, flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, maps and instrument gauges.
    Reading for Information The Reading for Information assessment measures reading comprehension and reasoning skills when using written text on the job, including memos, letters, directions, signs, notices, bulletins, policies and regulations. 

    Your Ready to Work (R2W) credential level is determined by the lowest score across all 3 tests. (You must complete all 3 tests to earn a credential):

    BRONZE Minimum score of 3
    SILVER Minimum score of 4
    GOLD Minimum score of 5
    PLATINUM Minimum score of 6


    We can help prepare you for the Ready to Work assessments at Richland One Adult Education.  You will need to complete the TABE Assessments
    For more information about this program please contact Lisa Walner at lisa.walner@richlandone.org.        

    For more information about WIN (R2W) WorkKeys please visit https://www.winlearning.com/PDFs/Collateral%202019%20LowRes/ReadyToWork_Credential