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    A transcript is a record of your academic work throughout high school (and even some middle school).  It's a document that lists every high school course you took, what grade you made, and how many credits you earned.  The top of your transcript will always have your school and personal information (name, address, student ID number).  The bottom of your transcript is where you can find your GPA (weighted and unweighted), Class Rank (weighted and unweighted), and how many credits you've earned.

    When giving your GPA and Class Rank, you will always use the weighted number (SC UGP).  This stands for the South Carolina Uniform Grading Policy.  For most everyone, their weighted GPA is higher because it's on a 5.0 scale and gives you the credit for Honors, AP, and IB weighted classes.  If an application specifically asks for your GPA or Class Rank on a "4.0 scale," then you will give your unweighted GPA and Class Rank.

    Students in Richland One use Parchment to send their transcripts anywhere.  Transcripts can be sent to colleges, the NCAA, scholarship foundations, or any destination of your choice (including yourself) electronically.  Before doing so, students will visit Parchment's website and create an account.  Please see the below document for step by step instructions (with pictures) on how to create a Parchment account and send a transcript.

    Please contact Ms. Ainsley Price (ainsley.price@richlandone.org) with any questions regarding your transcript or Parchment account.

    Transcripts are available from Parchment for five years (e.g., 2015-2019). You may send transcripts to yourself, colleges, scholarship organizations, the military, sororities, fraternities, etc. After five years, former students must contact the District Records Office (Student Records) at 1225 Oak Street (803-231-6791) to order an official transcript or any other school documentation. There is a $5 fee for each record request.