• Dr. Sandra Kelly is Dreher's Principal for a Day

    Our Principal, Kevin Hasinger, and the entire Dreher community welcomed Dr. Sandra J. Kelly as "Principal for a Day " at Dreher.


    Sandra Kelly Sandra J. Kelly, Ph.D, is vice provost and dean of undergraduate studies at the University of South Carolina.  In this position she oversees undergraduate general education requirements, the First-Year Reading Experience, and provides guidance on undergraduate academic initiatives within and beyond the classroom. 


    Dr. Kelly is responsible for oversight of the Center for Teaching Excellence, USC Connect, On Your Time, Continuing Education and Conferences, USCreativity, and the University Advising Center.  She also is the liaison for the Faculty Principals to the Office of the Provost.


    Dr. Kelly received her Ph.D from McGill University in behavioral neuroscience.  Her postdoctoral training was at the University of Iowa and SUNY Albany prior to beginning as an assistant professor at USC in 1988.  Her prior research examined the impact of alcohol on the developing brain and behavior.  Dr. Kelly's current interests include the neural correlates of consciousness and meditative states in people.  


    Click here for Dr. Kelly's Curriculum Vitae.


    What the Vitae doesn't mention is that Dr. Kelly is the mother of last year's outstanding Dreher graduate Jessa Philp, who is now studying at Georgia Tech.  


    Principal for a Day at Desk Principal for a Day in art room Principal for a Day visiting Tutoring Center

    Principal for a Day with Principals