• About Us


    Welcome to the Office of Accountability, Assessment, Research and Evaluation!

    The goals of the Office of Accountability, Assessment, Research and Evaluation are to be informative, accurate, and ethical. The major responsibilities of the office include monitoring of federal and state accountability systems, data analysis for instructional support, program evaluation, and student enrollment information. 
    The staff coordinates and executes the state mandated testing programs as well as the district-wide achievement and aptitude tests for placement of the academically gifted students. 

    To support instruction, our office generates special reports, provides test analysis workshops, enhances the capacity of the district-adopted diagnostic assessment tool, and evaluates the effectiveness of different instructional programs and initiatives.  In addition to support for instruction, the office monitors the pupil accounting system to produce reports on grade retention, student and teacher attendance, suspension, and enrollment projections.


    Carol Miner, Ph.D.