• Twenty-three Dreher High School students in the Class of 2019 earned the College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone Diploma based on the work they completed at Dreher. An additional 20 students in the  Class of 2020 also met the requirements for the AP Capstone Diploma based on their work through the end of junior year.


    The following students were awarded the AP Capstone diploma by earning scores of 3 or higher in AP Seminar, AP Research, and on four additional AP Exams. Each name is listed along with the subject of the student’s academic thesis. Students designated with an asterisk (*) graduated in Dreher’s class of 2019; the remainder graduated in the class of 2020.


    *Kathleen Allden The Pervasiveness of Bias Against Female Presidential Candidates

    *Mary Kelly Allen Debunked: The Long-Term Effects of Summer Camp Attendance on the Emotional and Social Health of Adolescents

    *Anthony Androulakis Melodic Repetition in Aphasic Patients

    Ashton Butler Exploring the Historical Eugenics Movement: A Global Analysis

    *Porter Burkett Analyzing Incentive Structure in Civil Asset Forfeiture Law In South Carolina

    Lewis Brown Davies The Influence of Video Game Mechanics on Reaction Time Development

    *Aidan DeJames The Creation of an Alternative Juror System in America

    *Regan Dennis Polio Vaccination and HPV Vaccination: Do Generations Have Varying Views Due to Different Views of Humanity?

    Dana DeVeaux The Navigation of Female Dynamics: Beauty in Portraiture and Photography

    *Maryevelyn Dillard The Education of Students with Behavioral Intervention Plans and Autism Spectrum Disorders

    Ella DuBard Dance’s Effectiveness in Addressing Stress in Adolescent Girls

    Jackson Ellenberg Analysis of the Cushioning Capabilities of Origami Structures

    Sarah Germany Street Art: A Thematic Analysis of the Purpose of Murals in Columbia, SC

    *Madeline Goodlett Expressive Art Creation and the State of Mind

    *Celeste Johnson The Legitimization of Bitcoin

    *Jamia Jones Hatshepsut in Art

    Abigail Kahn Personality and Likelihood to Join a Cult: A Possible Correlation

    Tyler Kendrick Analysis of the Irish Stereotyped Characters Utilized by the WWE

    *Aidan Keup Changing Scales: The Effect of a Changing Grading Scale on South Carolina High School Students’ Grades

    *Mary Devall Koenigs How Social and Financial Motives Impact the Success and Survival of Social Enterprises

    Hayley Mason Improvement in Female Swimmers Over Time

    Aidan McInnis The Color Choice of Oscar-Award Winners

    Isabel Montague Climate Change and its Effect on Different Government Structures

    *Alexa Nyberg Racial Inequality in Discipline: Behavior or Bias?

    *Sarah Parker Comparison of Student Stress Levels Based on Class Difficulty

    *Madeline Petkewich Water Desalination in Tanzania

    *Jessa Philp Self-segregation at an Urban High School in the American South

    Eleanor Pulliam Does Experiencing Sleep Paralysis Result in a Significant Increase in Stress Levels Among High School Students?

    Catherine Reid What is the Impact of Missed School Days Due to Environmental Factors on Student Performance in the SC Public School System?

    Luke Reynolds Does Urban Noise Cause Changed Behavior or Aggression in Birds?

    *Maherah Shaik Level of Home Stability and its Effect on Emotional Development in Children

    Mary Frances Shavo Childhood Reading and SAT Scores

    *Reagan Smith Overall Negative Mood and Thrill-Seeking Behavior in Teenagers

    *Dalan Solomon Urban Heat Islands

    Ariana Tata Does Playing Fortnite have the Same Effect on Aggression as Watching a YouTube Video of a Person Playing Fortnite?

    *Florence Wang Advancing the Analysis of Terbutaline in Urine Samples using IMCS Enzyme Hydrolysis

    Willem Van Rosevelt Social Isolation and its Connections to Extremist Behavior

    *Leah Vazsonyi On the Nature of Natural Philosophy: A Comparison of Lucretius and Aristotle

    Madeline Voelkel The Relationship Between Parent Age and Technology Restrictions

    *Anna LiAi Walkup Investigating the Other-Race Effect: The Impact of Experience on Other-Race Face Memory

    Tasya Washington Dress-Code Equity and Implicit Bias

    Hanah Watts Alternate Universes? Social Commentary in The Twilight Zone

    *Changxuan Amy Yao Factors that Impact