• Purchasing Card Program Overview

    The State Fiscal Accountability Authority (SFAA), Procurement Services Office, offers a Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program that allows local political subdivisions, e.g., school districts, to participate in the Program.

    The Purchasing Card is a Bank of America (BOA) issued VISA© charge card that authorizes, full-time (District) employees and the Board of School Commissioner's to make small purchases, i.e., $1,500.00 and less, for supplies, materials, equipment, and services.

    The P-Card can only be used for official District business and must be surrendered upon termination of employment or upon demand by District Administration.

    The success of the program and its continued use is contingent upon responsible Cardholder participation and compliance with program requirements.  The Purchasing Card Program offers an alternative to the typical requisition/purchase order procurement method by enabling Cardholders to purchase non-restricted commodities directly from vendors by telephone, internet or in person.

    Cardholders are encouraged to maximize the use of their cards; however, the Program generally prohibits the use of the card for the following:

    • Personal use
    • Travel (unless prior arrangements are made with Financial Services)
    • Equipment and fixed assets of any kind
    • Splitting orders to circumvent the Procurement Code spending limits
    • Onsite Professional Development Training
    • Food or meals without prior cabinet level approval

     Questions regarding the Program are always encouraged and may be directed as follows:

    Timika Beaver
    Purchasing Card Administrator
    Telephone: (803) 231-7039
    E-mail: timika.beaver@richlandone.org  



    P-Card Program Toolkit

    P-Card Certification Statement

    P-Card Guidelines Revision 1, 01-11-16

    Blocked Merchant Catergory (MCC's)

    P-Card Processes Summary II


    P-Card Program Forms

    P-Card Request Form 8-28-2019

    Purchasing Card Maintenance Form 8-27-2019

    Lost Receipt or Invoice Affidavit

    Statement of Disputed Item

    Determination for Deviation of P-Card Policy

     Amazon P-Card Purchase Request Form