• Beverage 

    Bookkeepers, Secretaries, Principals, Band Directors, and Athletic Directors are reminded that all requests for vending machine service and repairs must be directed as follows:


    Beverage Vending Information:

    Vending Refills/Customer Care Center/Repairs - 1-800-309-2653 (Allow 24-48 Hours)

    Annually each school may request up to 5 units/cases of complimentary water for school events. Please email your requests to LaShonda Outing, at least ten (10) days prior to the scheduled event.

    Email should include:

    • Name/Type of Event
    • Date of Event
    • Physical Address of Delivery
    • Delivery Contact Person and Phone Number

    Product Orders for Booster clubs, School Stores, Cafe, etc., requires a notification of 4 (4) business days before need by date in order for on-time delivery. Please contact LaShonda Outing for instructions on how to order.

    All inquiries and requests related to vending machines or Truckload Sales will need to be directed to LaShonda Outing in the Procurement Office via email: lashonda.outing@richlandone.org or by telephone 803-231-7037.