• Hand MS Bullying Protocol


    a. Bullying: Repetitive actions (i.e. physical, verbal, or digital) harassment of any student or staff member involving, but not limited to, physical harm, property damage, attacks on personal characteristics.

    b. Cyberbullying: any bullying that occurs through electronic communication; it has occurred when another person or group distributes harmful, false, embarrassing, or hostile electronic communication to or against another person or group.​



    How it will be reported:

    i. Student Reports- Witnesses or victims of bullying should immediately report to an adult figure.

    ii. Teachers will report the bullying incident to the grade level school counselor by close of business via electronically to ensure a digital footprint.




    First report:

    Address the victim and alleged perpetrator separately

    ·         Communication with both set of parents to let them know of the situation and what will happen moving forward


    Second report:

    Perpetrator will face consequences deemed necessary by Administration



    Richland One Bullying Protocol


    Richland One Bullying Report Form