• Special Services Staff

     Office: 691-6773

    LaJamea Dixon Director 231-6773
    Dawn Re Secretary 231-6785
    Vacant Coordinator 231-6769
    Nancy Carnes Coordinator, School Psychologists 231-6750
    Natalie Coleman Secretary 231-6753
    Candice Greene Special Education Consultant 231-6773
    Natasha Haynes Early Childhood Special Services Consultant 691-4929
    Ivy Flowers Secretary 691-3993
    Kendrick Roach Special Education Consultant 231-6776
    Cathy Collins Special Education Consultant 231-6786
    Mary Bryant         Secretary 231-6764
    Elaine Miles         Coordinator, Special Education 231-6782
    Sheila McNeal Special Education Consultant 231-6773
    Deirdre Jones Secretary 231-6775
    Neaco Green Special Education Consultant 231-6773
    Wanda Foust Secretary 231-6768
    Robbin Tucker Special Education Consultant  231-6773
    Elizabeth Stout Special Education Consultant  231-6773
    Kosha Adams Speech & OT/PT Consultant 231-6721
    Dr. Julie Macker Deaf and Hard of Hearing Lead Teacher 231-6772
    Kim Mouradjian Visually Impaired Lead Teacher 231-6773
    John Tartara  Autism Lead Teacher  231-6773

    Special Education Psychologists

    Judith James Arden, Forest Heights, Horrell Hill, Office:735-3400 (Arden)
    Melody Simmons  AC Moore, Crayton, Bradley Office:738-7224 (Crayton) 
    Heather Campagna  CA Johnson, Brennen, Burnside Office:738-7204 (Brennen)
    Dr. Macy Calderon  Satchel Ford, CA Johnson, Brockman Office:738-7209 (Satchel Ford) 

    Walter Carll
     Hopkins Middle, Low Incidence, Pendergrass-Fairwold, Private Schools Office:695-3000 (Lower Richland) 
    Alyson Roberts Dreher High, Rosewood, Alvin S. Glenn Office:253-7000 (Dreher)        
    Dr. Doncella Gibson Pendergrass-Fairwold Office:691-4928
    Lakia Johnson Meadowfield, South Kilbourne, Hand Office:783-5549
    Kelsey Boyd

    Lewis Greenview, Burton-Pack, WA Perry 

    Office:735-3417 (Greenview)
    Quinterra Middleton Carver-Lyon, Hyatt Park, Watkins-Nance, Office:343-2900 (Carver-Lyon)
    Susan Thompson-Russell Caughman Road, Gadsden, Mill Creek, Pine Grove
    Office:783-5534 (Caughman Rd)
     Magdalena Alistar Hopkins Elementary, Webber, Hopkins Middle, Southeast Middle Office:353-8771 (Webber)
     Francoise Melville EE Taylor, Gibbes, Carolina School for Inquiry Office:343-2942 (Gibbes)
     Denese Hamilton JP Thomas, Alcorn, Eau Claire Office:735-3439 (Alcorn)
    Daniel McNiff WG Sanders, Columbia High (10 & 12), WJ Keenan, Adult Education Office:738-7575 (Sanders)
     Linda Chesko Columbia High (9 & 11), AC Flora, Richland One Middle College Office:738-7300 (AC Flora)
    Kim Shockley Logan Elementary, Sandel, Pine Grove, HB Rhame, Office:731-8906 (Sandel)
    Jackie Waymer Lower Richland High, St. Andrews Middle, Richland One Learning Center, Youth Challenge Academy Office:695-3000 (Lower Richland)
      Crayton Middle
    Bradley Elementary
    Ashley Brantley Title I Pre-K (ECAT) Office:231-6734
    Lodi Hudak Title 1 Pre-K (ECAT) Office:231-6768

     Other Special Education Support Staff

    Vacant Accounting Clerk 231-6777
    Brittney Tarr Database Analyst 231-6766
    Torey Futch Clinical Social Worker
    Rosetta Penny Low-Incidence Social Worker
     Loretta Brunson      Medicaid Speech Supervisor  691-5588
     Dr. Charvette Robinson     Pre-School Speech Language Pathologist  691-4926
       District Audiologist      691-5588
     Yolanda Brown                      Autism Itinerant  231-6929
       Autism Itinerant  231-6930
     Laura Crisan  Autism Itinerant  231-7182
       Autism Itinerant  231-6930
       Autism Itinerant  231-6928
     Elizabeth Pearson  Autism Itinerant  231-6929
     Cathy Flowers  Autism Itinerant 231-7182 
       Autism Itinerant  231-6928
       Autism Itinerant