• Library Policies and Procedures

    During class time students need a library pass in order to visit the library.
    There is a limit of 4 students on passes per teacher unless other arrangements have been made between the librarian and teacher. 

    Student Expectations
    Students are expected show respect to all people and property within the library.
    Students are expected to speak in a manner that is appropriate in the library.
    Students are expected to help keep the library organized and neat.
    Students will not bring food or drinks into the library. 

    Borrowing Books (Check-Out)
    • Students may check out up to two books at a time. (Remember, you can use your school ID to checkout books at Richland County Public Library and their ebooks online.)
    • Students must have their student ID card to check out any book.
    Returning Books (Check-In)
    • Students must return all books within two weeks from date the book was checked out.
    • If a book is needed for a longer check-out period, students may renew a book one time for another two-week period.
    Overdue (Late) Books
    • If a book is kept past the initial two-week checkout period it is overdue. 
    • A student with an overdue book will not be allowed to check out any more books until the book is returned.
    Lost or Damaged Books
    • When a student loses a book he/she will be charged the cost of replacing the book.
    • When a student destroys or damages a book he/she must pay a fine. This fine will be equal to the cost of the book.
    • A student will not be allowed to check out any books until they pay the fine for a lost or damaged book or makes arrangements with the librarian. 
    Printing in the Library
         Students must email documents they need printed. Only items for classes will be printed. 

    Teachers may send two students at a time to the library to use the MakerSpace area. They will be able to choose from various activities. Students may stay 30 minutes at a time and individual students may visit no more than once a day.  


    Laptop Issues

    If you are having laptop issues, you may bring your device to the library for Mrs. Enlow to assess. If it is a quick fix and she is available, your laptop will be fixed. If she is not available or the laptop needs to be sent for repair and you will be given another laptop.  

    Students should not come for technology issues after 3:30.



    Library Hours

    Library Hours
    8:00AM to 4:00 PM