• Dr. Patrice Tolbert Green, Principal, has over 19 years of service in education, beginning in 1994, in early childhood education, to higher education, to Education Associate at the South Carolina State Department of Education from 2006-2013. Her public-school leadership experience began in Richland One in 2013, as Assistant Principal and Chair of the Accreditation team at Eau Claire High School, to AP at St. Andrews Middle School in 2015, and to AP of Curriculum and Instruction at Hand in 2017, where she is presently principal.

    Dr. Green’s philosophy of education is her belief in the continuous pursuit of academic growth and well-being for all students. As a Servant Leader, she believes in serving first, with a sense of fidelity, integrity, moral purpose, and shared leadership, that is actualized, within the framework: Education is a right for all.


    Mr. Donald Butler, 6th grade Assistant Principal, has served for a number of years in Richland One as both a middle school alternative teacher, and a middle school assistant principal for three years at Hand. Prior to that, he served in Lexington 5 as an elementary school principal, certified in elementary and secondary social studies and educational leadership. Mr. Butler believes that “building teacher-student relationships and classroom community is the key in generating an environment conducive to learning.”


    Mr. Devin Robinson, 7th grade Assistant Principal, has been educating children in South Carolina for 15 years.  Currently, in his role as assistant principal, he is also Laptop Facilitator, and Co-chair of the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) process. Mr. Robinson shares a quote from Aristotle,” The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”  From Aristotle’s quote, is Mr. Robinson’s philosophy derived, “The learning process can be difficult at times, but as we grow our hard work will one day pay off.”


    Mr. Joshua Dundr, 8th grade Assistant Principal, is an educator for 13 years, serving in both the classroom and in administration. His philosophy is, “A teacher’s purpose is not to create a student in his or her own image, but to develop students who can create their own image.” Mr. Dundr says he is ready to make memories as we prepare all of our students for success.


    Mrs. Tara Mitchell, Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction, having earned several degrees in Chemical Engineering, MAT of Teaching Secondary Mathematics, an M Ed in Administrative Leadership, and having served her church for 8 years in Pakistan, believes that “the teacher is the most valuable person in a child’s life, and it is the obligation of all educators to be dedicated to working together for the students whom we serve.”