When Your Child Is Referred

Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities - When Your Child Is Referred

    When Your Child Is Referred

    When a child is referred for preschool special services, several steps must be completed to determine if the child is eligible, and to determine what kinds of services are needed. The process consists of a screening of the child, an evaluation, and a placement meeting.

    Here is what happens during each step of the process:

    Screening and evaluations are typically completed at Richland One's Preschool Special Education Evaluation Center.


    • An appointment is needed with the preschool office for screening
    • The child moves between screening stations, including vision/hearing, speech/language, developmental, and occupational or physical therapy (if needed).
    • The preschool team leader reviews the results of the screening with the parents.
    • The preschool team leader explains the evaluation process and the types of services provided by the district.
    • If the child is being served by other agencies, representatives are invited to the transition meeting to discuss transition into public school prior to the screening appointment.


    • The child is evaluated by a psychologist and a speech therapist.
    • A special education teacher completes a curriculum-based assessment.
    • A family history and adaptive behavior scale are completed by a social worker.
    • A member of the preschool team observes the child in the home or daycare.
    • A placement meeting is scheduled by the preschool team leader to review evaluation results and develop an education plan, if appropriate.


    The Preschool Team Leader conducts a placement meeting with school staff, parents and/or agency representative.

    • Evaluation results are discussed.
    • If the child is eligible for services, an individual education plan (IEP) is developed.
    • Enrollment procedures are discussed.


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