• Required for Participation in Sports at any Richland 1 School

    Parent/Athlete Guide
    Planet HS

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    STEP 1. Create Accounts

    a. Both Parents and Students create an account- Students should register first, then invite their parent. Parents select the school of their OLDEST child.

    b. Students are to use their Given Name as you are registered with the school.

    c. Students register for the school they will be attending. 

    d. Register with PlanetHS by sending the TEXT code: Hand: TEXT the code S1602 to number 69274

    STEP 2. Link Accounts

    a. Parents and Athletes are required to link their accounts.

    b. Once logged in, you will be prompted to link to your parent/child’s account.

    STEP 3. Athletic Forms

    a. Click the “Athletic Forms” button to complete the Pre-Participation Forms.

    b. Under “Sports Interest” select all sports you are interested in playing.

    c. Both Parent and Student are required to complete and sign forms.

    d. Parents must upload a copy of each child’s birth certificate either by scanning or photograph (this will remain throughout the athlete’s eligibility years).

    e. Parents must also upload a copy of the physician’s portion of the physical.

    f. ALL forms (the history form, parent permission inherent risk, concussion, parent acknowledgement heat risk, sport health form, and physical form signed by the doctor) must be completed and uploaded before an athlete can participate in conditioning or playing a sport.