We are  grateful to have the opportunity to support the employees and students of Richland County School District One. We believe that  the implementation of the Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) framework leads to even greater support of the teaching and learning environment  for greater student achievement.  Richland One meets the academic and behavioral needs of all our students. The MTSS Framework at it's CORE allows for the creation of a sound high - quality instructional, behavioral, social - emotional, and attendance systems of support for each and every Richland One Student.  Data drives all aspects of the MTSS Framework and the systems within. Supplemental (TIer 2) and Intensive (Tier 3) interventions are provided to support and intervene with students who need additional level (s) of support, based on group or individual needs. Parents and/or guardians are essential for student success. The MTSS framework gives schools, parents/guardians, and students the opportunity to continuously be intentional in improving Core systems in order to be able to ensure all students are successful in Richland One.  We look forward to serving you for greater student outcomes.


     Respectfully yours,

    Randolph Frierson, District Coordinator of MTSS

    Keisha Perry, District Consultant / Coach of MTSS