Research-Based Methodology with Proven Results 

    Two main approaches to foreign language instruction used in Richland One are "The Natural Approach" and The Total Physical Response (TPR). Within these approaches, students are encouraged to acquire a second language in virtually the same manner they acquired their first language.


    The importance of listening in second language acquisition

    Students acquire a second language primarily through listening. Listening comprehension is an essential skill in the language acquisition process. Current brain research supports the notion that listening must precede all other language skills, whether we are acquiring our first language or a second language. We must understand oral messages before we can be expected to respond to them orally or in writing. Richland One's foreign language teachers are trained in the current research-based methodology. They use the target language exclusively during instruction and help their students understand by using a variety of techniques aimed at facilitating comprehension.


    Reading and writing are implemented starting in grade 3

    According to current research, the instruction of reading and writing in a second language may begin as soon as learners have demonstrated reading literacy in their first language. As it is suggested by current research in foreign language education, students begin instruction in reading and writing in the target language as early as grade 3. Teachers follow the "natural order" as they introduce listening, speaking, reading and writing. As teachers plan and deliver instruction they place great emphasis on real-life communication and facilitate comprehension and production through the use of authentic materials and a variety of motivating strategies



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