• Mission

    We are W.G. Sanders Career Magnet Program, where our faculty and staff are committed to transforming lives through education, empowering all students to achieve their potential and dreams.


    W.G. Sanders Career Magnet Program will provide students with opportunities to explore different career clusters. We will build and expand on their leadership qualities, while striving for academic excellence. We will prepare students to become future leaders with innovative skills and abilities, ready for the workforce.

    Program Focus

    The W.G. Sanders Career Magnet Program focuses on exposing students to the sixteen (16) career clusters and allowing them to explore and investigate career options within those career clusters. Students will then be able to study specific jobs and training for the Government, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Hospitality and Tourism, and Business Management & Administration (Entrepreneurship) career clusters using Project-Based Learning. Students will also develop their leadership skills through the use of student voice, field studies, and curriculum development.

    Program Goals


    Students will produce high quality work, have a voice in the curriculum and learning activities, while actively understanding how to work in collaborative groups.

    Career Readiness

    Students will be exposed to different career clusters and given opportunities to expand their knowledge about the skills, training, education, and experience needed for the desired career.

    Trade Skills

    Students will develop a better understanding of what “trades” are and the skills and training associated with them.

    Leadership & Professionalism

    Students will listen actively and attentively to develop a diversified perspective, make well-thought out decisions, and approach tasks with commitment and passion.

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