There are two (2) forms of lock down procedures which may be used by the District in the event a situation arises which requires a facility to be placed in “lock down”. These procedures, if warranted, will be applicable to all District operations or sponsored events. In order that there will be a clear understanding as to these procedures, the following information is provided:

    COMPLETE LOCKDOWN: This procedure will be in response to a specific threat to a facility or campus. All entrances will be locked and NO ONE will he permitted to enter or leave the building with the exception to: designated District personnel, law enforcement and first responders. Additional, law enforcement representatives and emergency support personnel may be on the scene or in the area.

    In some instances, there may be a need to move to a modified lockdown status, if there is a concern that the situation which caused the need for a lockdown may not be specific to the facility but may be of concern in the general area (neighborhood) near the facility.

    MODIFIED LOCKDOWN: This procedure will be in response to a general threat to the facility or campus. All entrances will be locked and “controlled access” will be permitted when leaving or entering the building. Normal instructional and operational activities (exception: student outside activities will not be allowed) will continue. Designated District staff, Law Enforcement representatives and emergency support personnel may be on the scene or in the area. If designated District Staff determines that access to the facility is feasible and will not affect the safety and/or welfare of the students, staff and operations of the facility, continued or limited controlled access may be implemented. Anyone entering the building will be required to provide a valid reason they requires access and be prepared to furnish a photo ID.

    PARENT/GUARDIANS RESPONSIBILITIES: During lock down, the safety of students, staff and visitors on scene at time of lockdown or paramount. In the event of a lockdown, normal daily access procedures may be altered and the following guidelines must be followed:

    •     Parents/Guardians/Visitors will be required to provide Photo ID upon request

    •     Parents/Guardians and visitors must abide by all directives issued by District Staff or Law Enforcement

    •     Do not attempt to interfere with District Staff, Law Enforcement representatives or Emergency personnel

    •     Move as directed to safe or parent/guardian reunification areas as instructed

    •     Adhere to all Law Enforcement directives and instructions in a lawful manner

    •     Depending upon the nature of the situation, Law Enforcement may declare area a crime scene and they will control access

    •     Do not attempt to call students to have them meet with you. They will be released to your custody as soon as all clear has been given

    •     Do not attempt to enter the facility unless instructed

    With both procedures, Parents/Guardians should know that all reasonable efforts will be made to continue to provide a safe and secure environment with increased staff and law enforcement presence. The District asks that you not come to the facility unless it is an absolute and valid emergency not impacted by the lockdown condition. Normal access may be refused or extremely restricted.

    All efforts will be made to limit lockdowns to a minimal amount of time in order to reduce the interruption of normal operations. However, the determining factor as to the degree or type lockdown will be based on a decision that the threat or situation no longer exists or threat has been reduced. An official “all clear” will be given by authorized District Staff and in conjunction with Law Enforcement advisement.

    You are placing yourself and others in danger by attempting to enter the area. Additionally, you may be faced with extreme limited access to the facility and will be subject to law enforcement intervention.

    Hopefully, this information will provide guidance, assistance and a better understanding as to the need for lockdowns and the necessity to maintain an orderly and controlled environment should the need arise to activate a lockdown.

    As during normal times of operation for the facility, all visitors are required to adhere to all applicable rules regulations of the District and as well abide by all local, state, county and federal laws and directives.