• Child Trafficking


    Child trafficking is real and is happening here in Columbia where we live. It is important that we raise awareness and be proactive with ensuring the safety of our children at all times. Below are some tips to consider:

    1.      Talk to your children openly and honesty

    a.       In an attempt to shield our children from difficult truths, we sometimes leave them unequipped to protect themselves. Take the time to talk to your children about strangers and safety

    2.       Practice Social Media Safety

    a.       Child Traffickers thrive on social media. Consider limiting your children’s social media use and help them learn good social media practices

    3.       Make your home a happy, inviting Environment

    a.       Many trafficking victims are not “kidnapped” at all, but are lured into trafficking situations by false promises

    4.      Be aware of both men and women

    a.       Child traffickers come in all forms. Do not assume

    For more resources and strategies, please see visit: erasechildtrafficking.org

    Pine Grove Elementary School Administration

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