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    18-19 PowerTeacher Pro Scoring Assignments


    In the module you will learn how to enter assignment scores, score indicators, and comments using the Assignments page in PowerTeacher Pro.  This course is intended for all classroom teachers.  Please contact Cheryl Jelks at cheryl.jelks@richlandone.org if you have any questions about the course. Course #22166

    Food Safety

    In this module, participants will learn the basics of Food Safety. Participants will watch a video, view a PowerPoint, and complete an assessment. This module is intended for Student Nutrition Services staff. If you have any questions regarding the content of this module, please contact your Area Site Lead. Course #22061

    Title I Reform Ideas-Office of Federal and State Programs-SCATA

    Title I Reform Ideas shares ideas and strategies to bring about schoolwide reform as presented at the South Carolina Association of Title I Administrators. Topics discussed include digital communications with parents and families, school climate, MTSS, instruction, and federal funding. For questions regarding the module please contact Bridget Barwick in the Office of Federal and State Programs at bridget.barwick@richlandone.org. Course #22088

    Challenger Module

    This module is designed to teach science teachers at the elementary and middle level what programs are offered by Challenger Learning Center, how to efficiently schedule Challenger programs, and how to use Challenger programs as a work-based learning experience for their students. 

    This module aligns to the "Teacher" pillar of Richland One's Framework for Success (Transformational Instruction) and the second objective of Richland One's Strategic Plan (work-based learning experiences will assist students in becoming contributing citizens).


    Contact Carolyn Donelan at carolyn.donelan@richlandone.org for questions regarding this module.
    Course #21666