• STEP (Successful Transitions Entering Prekindergarten)

    Sometimes a child has a difficult time adjusting to the prekindergarten program. His or her behavior may become too disruptive to stay in the regular prekindergarten classroom. The reasons for this can be varied and may take several weeks to understand. Rather than dismiss the child from the program for disrupting the learning of others, a team of professionals (including the child’s teacher and parent) may decide to try an alternative approach.

    The child may be recommended to the STEP (Successful Transitions Entering Prekindergarten) classroom. This classroom will have one teacher and two assistants. The classroom will only have 6 to 8 children at any one time and will focus on helping the child(ren) to gain self-control so they can learn to participate in the regular prekindergarten classroom.
    Students will not lose their placement in their regular classroom while they are making progress in the STEP classroom. The team will decide how long the child will remain in the STEP class and will meet regularly to review his/her progress.

    When the child is ready to transition back into his/her original classroom, one of the assistants will go with him/her to help make the move as uneventful as possible. Parents who have children in the STEP program are required to participate in a series of parenting sessions.

    Students who have attended the STEP program and continue to demonstrate significant emotional, behavioral, and social challenges after interventions have been implemented for an appropriate duration of time will be referred to receive more extensive services.

    STEP Brochure