• How Does the Office of Federal and State Programs Work?


    The federal government provides funding to states each year for Federal and State Programs. To get the funds, each state must submit a plan describing:
    • What all children are expected to know and be able to do

    • The high-quality standards of performance that all children are expected to meet

    • Ways to measure progress


    State Educational Agencies (SEAs) send the money to school districts based on the numbers of low-income families. The local school district (called a Local Education Agency, or LEA) identifies eligible schools and provides Title I resources. The Federal and State Program designated school (this includes parents, teachers, administrators and other school staff) works to:

    • Identify students most in need of educational help (students do not have to be from low-income families to receive help in school-wide settings)

    • Set goals for improvement

    • Measure student progress using standards set forth in the state’s Federal and State Programs plan