• Early Childhood ELA Content Focus

    Grade Kindergarten Focus:
    Kindergarten children are naturally curious about the world, and they are ready to explore the relationships between letters, sounds, words, and reading. The South Carolina College- and Career Ready Standards build and develop new language skills. When a child starts school, reading and writing become primary ways of learning. Although the skills involved in reading and writing take years to develop fully, the steps begin in kindergarten.

    Grade 1 Focus:
    First-grade children are creative and enthusiastic about learning to read and write. The South Carolina College-and Career-Ready Standards expand fundamental literacy skills learned in kindergarten. As the year progresses, first graders read more, talk more, and gain a deeper understanding as their vocabulary and writing ability strengthens. When a child starts school, reading becomes a primary way of learning. 

    Grade 2 Focus:
    Second-grade children like to know how things work. The South Carolina College-and Career-Ready Standards expand students’ reading and writing skills as they begin to develop research and critical thinking skills. Second graders read books that are more difficult and write more complex pieces. Please note: South Carolina Read to Succeed Act 284 of 2014 retains students in the third grade unless they meet specific reading requirements. It is critically important for a child to read fluently and with understanding before entering the fourth grade. 

    *Information retrieved from the South Carolina Education Oversight Committee.