• Early Childhood Mathematics


    Richland One is committed to building a love of math in the early grades through problem-solving. Problem-solving can serve as a vehicle for learning new mathematical ideas and skills. A problem-centered approach to teaching mathematics uses interesting and well-selected problems that allow all children to succeed in math. Students develop understanding when they figure out how each new idea is related to other things they already know (NCTM). Many children come to school with a wealth of knowledge, and as educators, we should encourage students to solve problems by showing them how and to support them in becoming independent mathematicians. 

    Mathematical understanding begins in a student's mind: it cannot be achieved through traditional memorization and procedural teaching. Richland One's Math Framework includes five components: launch, content, exploration, small group instruction, work stations, and a huddle. The following is a year at a glance for grades kindergarten through two.

    Math Introduction

    Early Childhood Math Instructional Framework

    mfwEarly Childhood Math Content Focus

    Early Childhood Math Teacher Resources