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  • What should my child learn at each grade level in science?

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    Parent Resource Links:

    •  Science Standards


    • This site engages learners with many different interactive experiences.


    • Learners can explore content in a fun way on this site.


    • This interactive site is great for exploring various science concepts.              


    • Explore multiple sites.


    • Profile of the South Carolina Graduate


    Home Support:

    Here are a few things that you can do to support science instruction at home:

    • Show children examples of science around them.
    • Provide opportunities for your children to make observations, ask questions, experiment and tinker at home.
    • Ensure that students have easy access to science related materials at home(books, magazines, games, toys, etc.).
    • Take field trips to science related destinations (zoo, planetarium, museum, aquarium, etc.).
    • Use various objects around the house and build something with your child.
    • As you prepare dinner, engage your child in conversations about the math and science you utilize in cooking.
    • Watch science related television shows or movies and have discussions about the science that you observe.
    • Engage students in problem solving at home.

     Profile of South Carolina Graduate:

    The South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) has identified the knowledge, skills, and characteristics a high school graduate should possess in order to be prepared for success as they enter college or pursue a career. Richland One Elementary Social Studies curriculum follows the profile to guide all that is done in support of college- and career-readiness. Please click the link to review the Profile of SC Graduate.