• The Visual and Performing Arts Staff



     Walter Graham
    Walter Graham, Coordinator
    Department of Visual and Performing Arts
    Email: nathaniel.graham@richlandone.org
    Phone: 231-6859
    Waverley Administration Building (#675)

    Brittany Green

    Brittany Green, Assistant
    Department of Visual and Performing Arts
    Email: brittany.green@richlandone.org
    Phone: 231-6858

    Waverley Administration Building (#675)


    Caroline Carson
    Caroline Carson, Lead Teacher, Elementary Visual Art
    Email: caroline.carson@richlandone.org
    Phone 803-343-2930
    Home School: Rosewood Elementary School  (#366)

     Kathleen Pennyway
    Kathleen Pennyway, Lead Teacher, Theatre
    Email: kathleen.pennyway@richlandone.org
    Phone: 803-253-7000
    Home School: Dreher High School (#120)

    Katy Dallas
    Katy Dallas, Lead Teacher, Dance
    Email: kathryn.dallas@richlandone.org
    Phone: 738-7300 ex.2802
    Home School: A.C. Flora High School (#140)


    Brian McCants 

    Brian McCants, Lead Teacher, Orchestra
    Email:  brian.mccants@richlandone.org
    Phone: 343-2947 ex. 2301
    Home School: Hand Middle School (#240)


    Daryl Byrd
    Daryl Byrd, Lead Teacher, Band
    Email: daryl.byrd@richlandone.org
    Phone: 343-2947 ex. 2305
    Home School: Crayton Middle School (#220)


    Jennifer Gorlewski

    Jennifer Gorlewski, Lead Teacher, Secondary Visual Art
    Email: jennifer.gorlewski@richlandone.org
    Phone: 253-7000
    Home School: Dreher High School (#120)


    Jennifer Washington

    Jennifer Washington, Lead Teacher, Chorus
    Email: jennifer.washington@richlandone.org
    Phone: 731-8950
    Home School: Columbia High School (#110)