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    Richland One is committed to the teaching and learning of mathematics in all grades with a focus on conceptual understanding, problem solving and building numeracy. Each day, lessons are planned and implemented with the goal of helping students develop an understanding of mathematical concepts by providing opportunities for students to readwrite, and collaboratein math classes using precise mathematical vocabulary. 

    Core Mathematics Program

    The goal of developing a framework for a multi-tiered system of support in mathematics is to provide optimal instruction for every student at all levels of learning. The South Carolina Department of Education and Richland School District One recommend a three-tier, service-delivery model in which all students receive high-quality, scientific, research and evidence-based instruction in math. A tiered framework should prevent failure with mathematics through increasingly differentiated and intensified assessment and instruction. Assessment administered and instruction provided by the classroom teacher are central to the success of MTSS and must address the needs of all students, including those from diverse socioeconomic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  When core mathematics instruction is not effective for a particular student, it should be modified to address the needs and abilities of that student more closely. Classroom teachers, at times in collaboration with other experts, must exercise their best professional judgment in providing responsive teaching and differentiation. 


    Key Concepts by Grade Band


      As students work to understand the above concepts, it also important to think about how they are learning the concepts. A mathematically literate student can: 

    1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
    2. Reason both contextually and abstractly.
    3. Use critical thinking skills to justify mathematical reasoning and critique the reasoning of others.
    4. Connect mathematical ideas and real-world situations through modeling.
    5. Use a variety of mathematical tools effectively and strategically.
    6. Communicate mathematically and approach mathematical situations with precision.
    7. Identify and utilize structure and patterns.

    Elementary Math Content Focus

    Elementary Math Teacher Resources

    Elementary Math Year-At-A-Glance

    SC Ready Math 3-5 Blueprint 2021-22

    SC Ready Math Test for grades 3-5 will be administered May 17, 2022.