Richland One Gifted and Talented Artistic Brochure (PDF Document)

    GT Referral-Rec Form (Word)




    Richland School District One currently offers Dance and Theatre programs in all middle and high schools. These instructional programs provide standards-based, concentrated study in Dance and Theatre for "students who are identified"as demonstrating high performance ability or potential in artistic areas and therefore require and educational program beyond that normally provided by the general school program in order to achieve their potential." The objectives of the program are to provide "curriculum, instruction, and assessment that maximize the potential of the identified students." There is no fee for these courses which meet during the regular school day.

    Auditions are required by the State Department of Education for all middle and high school students who participate in the program. The only non-auditioned programs are Dance I-A and Theatre I-A at the high school level, and the Dance Exploration and Theatre Exploration courses at the middle school level.

    A student whose audition score is 20 or above for Dance and 20 or above for Theatre, must be reported as STATE IDENTIFIED GIFTED. A student whose score is 14-19 for Dance and 14-19 for Theatre are reported as LOCAL IDENTIFIED. Schools are required to serve all STATE IDENTIFIED first. If there are spaces available in the classes (20:1 pupil/teacher ratio), schools may place LOCAL IDENTIFIED students (by rank order of audition scores) until classes reach maximum enrollment (20 students).

    All fifth and eight grade students will be invited to an orientation / information session prior to the auditions. Rising sixth through twelfth grade students who wish to enroll in Dance and/or Theatre must complete the audition process. Student Referral Forms are available at each school and/or by calling the Visual and Performing Arts Department at (803) 231-6858.

    Auditions are conducted at each school during the month of January and take place during the regular school day. Students who enroll in Richland County School District One after the annual auditions will be given the opportunity to audition at the start of the next school year. An audition waiver can be granted if the student presents documentation of acceptance into another district’s Gifted and Talented Dance or Theatre program.