• Volunteer and Mentor Spotlight


    The purpose of the Richland One Volunteer Program is to establish caring relationships between students and adults in order to enhance self-concept, increase school attendance and to motivate students to improve academic and behavioral performance.

    Being a volunteer or mentor in the district provides individuals or groups the opportunity to connect with students in a variety of ways. Volunteers and mentors can be lunch buddies, classroom aids, office aids, tutors, literacy coaches and much more. 

Volunteer Spotlight
  • Reading Matters Faith-Based Partnership annual training for reading Tutors serving K-2nd grade students in 11 Richland One Elementary Schools. Shown in the photo are (from left) Richland One, Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education Curriculum Consultant Dr. Kimberly Johnson, Richland One Volunteer and Mentoring Program Coordinator David Jackson, The Reverend Susan Blackburn Heath, The Fellowship of South Carolina Bishops Coordinator of Bishops’ Public Education Initiative: The Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina, Trinity Cathedral Episcopal Church and Faye R. Houston, volunteer.

Volunteer Lunch Buddies
  • Forest Heights Elementary Fort Jackson Military Sorority Lunch Buddy volunteers visit with their buddy 4 times a month to share in mentorship and friendship.  Active and Retired Military soldiers from Fort Jackson Military Base spend lunchtime with students eating, reading or playing enrichment activities. The lunch buddy program gives a student that extra one-on-one attention they need to be successful inside and outside the classroom.

Higher Education Partnership
  • Higher Education Partnership annual orientation.  Shown in the photo are (from left) Richland One Volunteer and Mentoring Program Coordinator David L. Jackson and Mrs. Tondaleya G. Jackson, Director Benedict College Service-Learning and Leadership Development, volunteer.

J.P. Thomas Elementary School Volunteers
  • J. P. Thomas Elementary volunteer orientation training.

Faith-Based Partnership orientation training
  • Faith-Based Partnership orientation training, Gospel Music Worship of America, Columbia, SC Chapter.