• Dreher's SAT and AP Scores Exceed State and National Averages

    Advanced Placement
    Scores from Advanced Placment (AP) Exams taken in May 2019 and Mean SAT Scores from the graduating class of 2019 have been announced.  On both measures the scores of Dreher students have exceeded both state and national averages.
    In May 2019 Dreher administered 849 AP exams to 373 students.  Seventy-six percent of the scores of our students were in the range of 3 to 5. Comparable levels in the State of South Carolina and in the nation were 58%.
    Colleges and universities often grant class credit and use AP scores of three or higher to place students in higher course levels.
    The mean SAT score for the Dreher seniors who graduated in May 2019 was 1124, composed of 568 on Evidence-based Reading and Writing (ERW) and 556 on Math.  Seventy-four percent of the graduating seniors took the SAT, compared with 57% statewide.
    The overall mean SAT score for South Carolina’s public school students was 1021 compared with the national public school mean of 1039. The breakdown of this total was as follows: SC’s mean ERW score was 521 compared with the national mean of 524 and the state’s Math average score was 500 while the nation’s was 515.

    Ap Capstone

    Twenty-three Dreher High School students in the Class of 2019 earned the College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone Diploma based on the work they completed at Dreher.  An additional 20 students in the upcoming Class of 2020 have also met the requirements for the AP Capstone Diploma based on their work through the end of junior year.
    Click here for the News Release listing the distinguished students and their fascinating research projects.
    Links to statewide scores are on the SC Department of Education website.
  • Dreher's State Report Card Says "Excellent"!

    The South Carolina State Department of Education has released the School Report Cards for the 2018-2019 school year and the news is EXCELLENT for Dreher.  


    Report Card Dreher received a rating of "EXCELLENT" on the 2018-2019 School Report Card! 


    A rating of EXCELLENT means that our school's performance "substantially exceeds the criteria to ensure all students meet the Profile of the SC Graduate."





    Some highlights include our students' success on the End-of-Course Assessments.  Our pass rates on all four tests exceeded state averages.  (The percentages below are for the "four-year on-time graduation cohort.")


    English I, 67.8% (200 out of 295) vs. 56.3% statewide


    Algebra I, 65.2% (193/296) vs. 54.9% statewide


    Biology, 60.9% (181/297) vs. 54.4% statewide


    US History, 61.1% (160/262) vs. 47.7% statewide


    graduation cap Our on-time graduation rate was 86.8% compared to 81.1% statewide.


    SAT The average composite score of the 73.9% of graduating students taking the SAT was 1124, compared to the 57.2% statewide who scored an average of 1021.


    AP Of the 849 Advanced Placement Exams given in May 2019, 76% were scored at 3 or higher.



    To read the full report and to compare our school with schools statewide, see the Department's website.


  • Dreher Receives Palmetto Silver Award

    Palmetto Silver The SC Department of Education has announced its Palmetto Gold and Silver Awards for school years ending in 2018 and 2019.  Dreher was awarded the Palmetto Silver for both years.   

    According to the SC Department of Education webpage:  

    "Palmetto Gold and Silver Awards

    As an important part of the education accountability system in South Carolina, the Awards program is designed to recognize and reward schools for attaining high levels of absolute performance, for attaining high rates of growth, and for making substantial progress in closing the achievement gap between disaggregated groups."


    The 2018-2019 Accountability Manual for Public Schools in South Carolina states that high schools are awarded based upon four indicators: "Academic Achievement, Preparing for Success, Graduation Rate, and College/Career Readiness."


    The Silver award requires a minimum rating of Good on 3 out of the 4 indicators, no rating lower than Average on the fourth indicator and an overall report card rating of Average or above.


    Congratulations, Dreher students and staff!