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    Environmental Designs for Engaged Attention and Optimal Learning

    This module is based on information shared during EdSpaces Conference 2018.  During this module you will learn about emerging research on environmental designs that can enhance attention and engagement in learning environments through awareness of position (proprioception) sense, vestibular sense and ergonomics.  The presentation will include changing trends in the design and engineering of flexible seating and the implications for educators in the selection of classroom furniture to enhance learning in classroom environments.  This module is for all K-12 teachers.  Contact Dr. Erica Fields at (803) 231-6796 for questions regarding this module.  Course #22004

    Welcome to Green Screen

    Ever wondered how to create a DIY green screen video effect?  Did you know that green screen technology isn’t exclusive to the color green? This visual effect is often called chroma key compositing or chroma keying. It is a post-production effect that allows video editors to replace backgrounds and insert footage or images into their scenes.  Contact Latoya Goodwin-Gary at for questions regarding this module.   Course #21865

    Safari Montage On Demand

    New to SAFARI Montage? Or in need of a refresher on the basics? Then this SAFARI Montage Basics module, is just what you need! SAFARI Montage Basics is an online training that covers the fundamentals of how to use the platform. Course #21555

    Library Collection Analysis 

    Participants will learn how to assess their specific site needs so that they can develop a plan that seeks to fulfill our mission of ensuring the students, faculty, and families in their community have the skills and resources necessary to be effective users and producers of ideas and information.    Course #21717

    Library Resource Collection Development Standards

    Participants will learn how to select and acquire resources that enrich and enhance the curriculum at their school. Additionally, participants will learn how to manage and promote resources to the members of their community. Course #21728

    Reading is Fundamental Program Implementation

    Reading is Fundamental program managers (Library Media Specialists) will engage in module to learn how to manage their school's participation in Reading Is Fundamental’s Books for Ownership (BFO) program. The module will provide an overview of your RIF award, RIF’s BFO program and resources, as well as instructions for program implementation. Course #21761

    21st Century Learning Environments

    Those that complete the micro-credential will be able to develop a 21st Century Learning Environment to include flexible and collaborative seating. Course #21485