• What are the benefits of using SMART Learning Suite Online?


    Lesson creation and delivery

    • Seamlessly transition between teacher-paced and student-paced anytime during lesson delivery and control lessons from a device

    • Send lessons to a SMART Board® with iQ and share lessons to student devices or with other teachers

    Game-based activities

    • Use compelling graphics, animations and sounds to keep students engaged at a SMART Board or on their devices • Add a theme to an existing question set, or make a new game in under 5 minutes using the activity creation wizard • Choose from many activity options: multiple choice races, sorting exercises, fill in the blanks and many more

    Formative assessments

    • Easily guide instruction based on real-time insights into student comprehension

    • Create a formative assessment in a few minutes and have students answer questions on any device

    • Get instant reports on student understanding without breaking lesson flow

    Collaborative workspaces

    • In SLS Online, instantly convert any lesson page into a collaborative workspace

    • Students co-create inside or outside of class by simultaneously adding content to the workspace from their devices

    • Facilitate whole-class or small-group collaboration by guiding student contributions at a SMART Board or from a device

  • SMART Learning Suite Online lets teachers open SMART Notebook lessons anywhere, and share them to any student device. With lessons on phones, tablets and PCs, students can complete interactive assignments – and learn at their own pace.  Teachers can also gain valuable insights with real-time formative assessments and foster student co-creation in collaborative workspaces. 

    Elementary and Secondary Resource

    Target Audience K-12

    First-Time Log-in Instructions

    Click or copy and paste the following URL in your browser: https://suite.smarttech.com

    Once on the SMART Learning Suite page,  click "Sign Up"

    Enter your district Microsoft 365 email account information


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