• Catalog Ordering Procedures


    To establish procedures for the proper requisitioning of supplies from Warehouse Services.


    General Information: 
    Requisitions are the means by which schools and departments may obtain supplies stocked in the warehouse. You may obtain the warehouse price listing electronically by clicking on Warehouse Catalog in the column to the left. 

    Supplies will be delivered on the day following electronic receipt and pulling of your order. The warehouse has the capability of delivering "Rush" or "Emergency" order; however, these should be limited to extreme emergencies.

    1. Stock Items: A wide variety of supplies, furniture, and equipment are kept in the warehouse to support district operations. The warehouse constantly monitors use of these items, so that stock levels commensurate with district needs. If an item needs to be added to the inventory, its addition must be fully justified and a sample and specification submitted for review. In addition, usage demand history, and a recommended stock level should be submitted.
    2. Non-Stock Items (Special Ordering): Occasionally a need will arise for items that normally are not carried in stock. When this happens, a check should be made with the warehouse to see if an acceptable equal is on hand. Warehouse staff will also make an effort to special order your item(s). If not, procurement procedures should be initiated through the Purchasing Department.
    3. Backordered Items: From time to time, notice will be given on a shipping document that an item is backordered. While every attempt is made to stock adequate supplies, delays in shipping, clerical errors or other contributing factors may cause a "stock out." Customers are asked to contact the warehouse immediately for assistance when a stock out appears on their electronic order and arrangement will be made to get the items (s) as soon as possible.
    4. Limitations on Stock Withdrawals: Electronic orders for supplies from the warehouse should be limited to immediate need, plus the necessary stock for a four month period. Warehouse stock levels are set for this period to ensure the rapid turnover of items, so that fresh, new supplies are available for users.
    5. Supplies ordered through Pick Tickets will be delivered according to the schedule below.  Click on the link to review the delivery schedule based on your location.

    Warehouse Delivery Schedule   as of February 6, 2023

     Procedures for Ordering Supplies, Part 2
    Minimum and maximum order quantities are based upon the availability of on hand stock, lead-time needed to purchase more stock, and need through out the District. If a significantly large amount of a single item is needed, the end user should contact the warehouse for instructions. This does not apply to items required to open school each year. Each principal must evaluate his or her school's needs during the summer and submit electronic orders to meet his or her individual school's requirements.

    Verification of Items Delivered: 

    Each item electronically ordered from the warehouse is check carefully prior to delivery to the end user. Contact the warehouse if you should find discrepancies such as overages, shortages, damages, etc.

    Returns for Credit:

    Items that have been electronically ordered in error, broken upon delivery, or not suitable for intended use may be returned to the warehouse for credit. Each item being returned must be listed on a standard "Return and Exchange Form" indicating all appropriate information and sent in to the warehouse within 15 days. Items that are old, outdated, damaged while in use or otherwise not acceptable will not be considered for credit. In these instances, the requester will be notified.

    Quality Assurance:

    The quality of items purchased for district use is our primary concern. Therefore, feedback from our customers is solicited regarding their opinions and recommendations for future purchases. Contact the warehouse should you have any questions or concerns.

    Pricing of Products:

    The warehouse prices in this listing are the prices that were in effect as of May 15, 2001. Prices change daily depending on the prices of newly arriving stock. If you need exact pricing, please refer to the Munis Module where the prices are always up to date.