Showcase for Creative Excellence


    General Guidelines

    The Richland One Showcase for Creative Excellence (SCE) promotes student voice and identity and encourages students to explore media and visual literacy in the creation of a digital product. Participants engage in the ability to inquire, think critically, gain knowledge, draw conclusions, make connections, apply knowledge to new situations, create new knowledge, participate ethically in our democratic society, and pursue personal growth.


    Showcase Rules and Information

    1. All entries must be related to an instructional activity or standard. The assigning teacher should ensure that the objective of the related lesson is clearly stated in a complete sentence or phrase on the application. Entries without a clearly stated objective will be disqualified.

    2. Each entry will be judged in one of the following divisions:  Early Childhood (PreK-2), Primary (3-5), Middle (6-8) or High (9-12)

    3. Entries must be produced by students from the idea to the finished product. Teachers may offer instruction and supervision, but the actual work must be done by students.

    4. An applicant is eligible to receive no more than one award in each category or division.

    5. Each entry submitted

    • must be submitted electronically to sce@richlandone.org
    • have been produced during the current academic year.
    • have the title, entrant or group’s name and the school’s name clearly provided.
    • have the curricular alignment completed and all other requirements checked.
    • show credit for copyrighted material.

    6. Consideration will be given to the following in judging all entries:

    • compliance with the rules and regulations
    • suitability of title
    • instructional value and relationship or appropriateness to the instructional objective
    • imagination, creativity and originality
    • composition
    • technical quality: exposure
    • technical quality: workmanship

    7. The assigning teacher should carefully review all applications before signing them. The teacher’s signature on an application will verify that all information submitted is accurate. Please provide a scanned copy of this with the entries that are submitted to the District Level.

    8. The Office of Learning Environments and Instructional Resources and appointed judges reserve the right to eliminate entries that, for any reason, misrepresent the rules or are deemed not suitable. All decisions are final.

    9. Each entry will receive a Certificate of Recognition. Entries will be showcased on the Richland One web page and ROTV.