• CERDEP Schools





    Burton Pack

    Caughman Rd.

    Forest Heights


    Horrell Hill

    Hyatt Park


    Mill Creek

    AC Moore

    Pine Grove

    HB Rhame


    South Kilbourne

    EE Taylor

    JP Thomas

    Watkins Nance

  • What is CERDEP?
    The South Carolina Child Early Reading and Development Education Program (CERDEP) program is available on a voluntary basis. Richland School District One works in partnership with the South Carolina Department of Education to offer CERDEP. As part of the Appropriations Act, the South Carolina General Assembly continues funding for students who qualify under the established guidelines.
    The goal of CERDEP is to provide the developmental and learning support that children must have in order to be ready for school.  With this voluntary program, parents participate in seminars to gain information that will allow them to support their child’s educational journey. Using research-based instructional practices and ongoing assessment, teachers provide an avenue for students to be ready for school.
    CERDEP is a public, state-funded, income based developmentally appropriate education program adhering to best practice, using research-based curriculum and assessment that must adhere to DSS regulations and SCDE Guidelines.
  • CERDEP Requirements


    • Attend Quarterly Parent Meetings (Student Led Conference)
    • Must meet Federal Income Eligibility Requirements
    • Must adhere to the attendance policy. Ten consecutive absences will result in automatic dismissal from the program.
    • Must remain within the South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) ratio (17:2)
    • Must comply with the South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) Licensing Regulations for Private and Public Child Care Health, Safety and Sanitation requirements.
    • All staff members must be approved by the South Carolina Department of Social Services