• What Is the Early Childhood Assistant Team (ECAT)?

    The Early Childhood Assistance Team (ECAT) exists to provide supplemental support and early intervention to prekindergarten students experiencing social, emotional and academic difficulties in the prekindergarten classroom. 

    ECAT is a group of professionals designated to work with the school staff, parents and teachers in support of prekindergarten students. The team consists of the Early Childhood coordinator, Prekindergarten Consultant, the Office of Federal and State Programs’ social worker, nurse and at least one psychologist. Together these individuals work to provide resources, skills and techniques that will help make the prekindergarten student become more successful in the classroom.

    Teachers and parents are encouraged to contact the team if a child is having academic, social-emotional, or behavioral difficulties.

  • How Can ECAT help?


    Role: To assist and enhance the social and academic development of identified children

    Support is provided through the following venues:

    • Education: Works with teaching staff to ensure that classroom tasks and learning objectives mirror developmental needs of the child
    • Consultation: Consult with parents, caregivers, and teachers to identify the child’s strengths, needs, triggers, and motivators; Recommend behavioral, social-emotional and academic interventions that support the classroom setting
    • Behavior support: Assist in managing the child’s behavior (behavior management plans, reinforce positive behavior, school-based counseling)


    Role: To provide comprehensive social work services to students and families to address any presenting problems/issues affecting student's ability to maximize their academic and social development

    Support is provided through the following services:

    • Provides consultation to Title I schools and staff on parent-education resources
    • Provides intervention strategies to alleviate academic problems
    • Conducts home visits, workshops, parenting classes, and individual and group counseling
    • Makes referrals to community agencies
    • Collaborates with students, their families, school staff, community agencies, and others to assess and intervene with students who are experiencing social, emotional, family or academic problems


    Role: To address any medical problems that interfere with student achievement

    Support is provided through the following services:

    • Conducts vision and hearing screening for students referred
    • Identifies health, safety, and nutritional concerns
    • Implements classroom presentations and parent workshops to promote a nurturing and healthy environment
    • Collaborates with health care providers and promotes community involvement to ensure a healthy environment and community for referred students and parents